Quelques nouveautés

Après une longue pause, mise à profit pour améliorer ma technique, quelques nouvelles têtes

Cristina Vespucci





Les hommes ne sont pas oubliés

Cesare Borgia





12 réflexions sur “Quelques nouveautés

  1. OMG, these are just beautiful! Seriously, I was playing NWN2 last night, and bemoaning the crap faces they gave us, and now I look at these, and I can’t believe they came from the same engine! I love Prince, Cesare, Stacey, and Christina especially. The original characters are just gorgeous, and the fan characters look just like their AC counterparts! This is wonderful work, Phil. 😀

    • Thank you Arrow

      Many of the women have a drow version, and if needed I will do one for you if you wish. If you like your drow with longer ears it’s not difficult to change.

      • Oh, you don’t need to go to the trouble just for me. 😀 But hey, if you feel like you need more drows in your 3D collection, by all means, go ahead. 😉 I’d love to download them. Speaking of which, where can I download your wonderful models? NWN vault, I’m guessing, but is there a specific profile you use to upload them? 😀

        • Sometimes ago I posted sme model at the NWN vaults, under the name krighaur. But I have lost my passwrds and the admins don’t respond to my calls for a recovery.

          So the models are not actually downloadable, although if you wish something I can send it to you.

      • I have been eyeing Stacey, actually. I just love her hair. So much better than the original models. 😀 I think my email is down below, but just in case it isn’t, it’s emkaycollaborations@yahoo.com. I also have silly banters to send to you. I’m hunting for your email right now, as a matter of fact. I imagine I’ll stumble over it soon, but just in case I don’t, could you please tell me what it is?

        Thank you for sending it to me, I really appreciate it! *hugs*

        • OK I ill send you Stacey, If you want something else, don’t hesitate.

          My mail is lebas.philippe at wanadoo.fr

          hugs too, I feel I am 8 years younger when we began to talk about our fics 😉

  2. Hé bien ! Que de belle créations ! J’aime beaucoup les choix que tu as fait. La variété est au rendez-vous en plus de la qualité. On a encore la brillance qui nous enquiquinait avec Snow cela dit.

  3. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see it! Oh! And I sent you a file too! 😀

    And while I am very pleased that you feel eight years younger, I will remain the age that I am. I like being able to drive and purchase booze. 😉 But anyway, more hugs. *hugs*

      • I would love to see a blonde or a drow version. I am just ecstatic to have a head that doesn’t look like one of the default ones. Especially with that hair. XD And I leave it to you, sir. I am good with long, short, however ears. Thank you again! 😀 *hugs*


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